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We’re a Melbourne-based video production facility built on a healthy mix of skill, dreams, caffeine, and sugar that specialises in making your imagination real.

77 Productions offers production service for television, feature, production houses, advertising, documentary, commercial, web video and corporate clients. We deliver our services in a professional and timely manner; going above and beyond to meet our clients needs and with excellence. We look for, find, knock on, and roundhouse-kick down opportunity’s door, letting us into a world of unrestricted creativity.

77 Productions offers a smorgasbord of services that cater to different scales, budgets and timelines.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Script & Creative Development
  • Filming & Camera Operation
  • Motion Graphics & Design
  • Coffee Making & Drinking
  • Compositing & VFX
  • Animation 2D & 3D
  • Sound Design & Mixing
  • Editing (SD, HD, 4K with Stereoscopic options)
  • Colour Grading
  • On-set VFX Supervision and Consultation
  • Dynamic Content Designs
  • Foosball (Mini- and Full-Sized)
  • On-set Data Wrangling & DI


Sick of all these games? Ready to get to work? Why not get in touch with 77 Productions?

Hate rhetorical questions? We’re sorry, we’ll stop now. Here’s our contact details:

Email [email protected]

Call 03 8658 4299

Come in 16/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham, Victoria