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Video Production

Most people have sat through a powerpoint slideshow that a friend or colleague has poured hours of time and effort into, but is still mind-blowingly boring. It’s not a fate we’d wish on our worst enemies. Unless they really deserve it.

With years of experience up our sleeves’, 77 Productions is a Melbourne-based video production company that emphasises function over form. We may not be psychics, but we can see where you want to be and help you create a road-map to get there.

Even though we have trouble getting our own kids to listen to us, as video production experts, we use this powerful medium to effectively communicate with everyone, clients and staff alike.

Corporate videos, explainer videos and business marketing videos are a specialty of ours.

The versatility and full service range of our video production services make them perfect for a range of different projects – from providing a general overview of your business to highlighting specific products or services.

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If you want to educate and entertain in a way that drives home your message and ensures people remember it for more than five seconds, a well-planned and produced video is exactly what you’re looking for. Luckily for you, that’s right up our alley.

Offering end-to-end delivery, we can jump in at just about any stage of the process.

Whether you want some good-looking experts to swoop in and take over the whole creative and script development process, or just need some existing footage re-purposed, 77 Productions is the team for you.

See Our Range of Expertise Below:

Cinema Ads

Spread the word to a large and captive audience by creating your very own cinema ad. Not only can well-made cinema ads help your business reach new potential clients, but it can also work to increase awareness of your brand among the general public.

Corporate and Business Videos

Draw your audience in with 77 Productions’ corporate video production capabilities. Whether you’re presenting company updates to stakeholders, or internal communications with employees, great quality video can deliver your intended message in an exciting and engaging medium.

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eLearning Training

Help your staff or customers retain new knowledge for longer and in greater detail with eLearning training videos by 77 Productions. While being an effective way to teach significant amounts of information, the ability to be played to large audiences provides a consistency that makes an eLearning package more efficient than any other communication medium.

Event Videos

Make a splash with your next product launch with a dedicated 77 Productions’ event video. Integrated with other social media and marketing campaigns or as a stand alone, event video production is the perfect way to showcase your business.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a quick and easy way for a viewer to understand a product or process, while keeping them engaged and entertained. 77 Productions creates effective explainer videos that utilise infographics, animation, and audio cues, to create seamless videos that are straightforward and simple to understand.

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Marketing Videos

Spread the word about your business with the help of 77 Productions. With a strategic marketing background, our crew are experts in creating video marketing that integrate marketing concepts and principles throughout the video production process. This helps those videos grab the attention of viewers and converts that into measurable results.

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Promotional Videos

For promotional videos you can trust to convey your business in a great light, get in touch with 77 Productions. With a strong marketing background supporting us every step of the way, we create videos that not only showcase your product and brand in a positive way, but are also in keeping with your larger business aspirations.

Social/Youtube Videos

Extend your online presence with 77 Production’s social and youtube marketing capabilities. With extensive experience on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, we have the expertise to create highly engaging content, to help your business reach a massive audience of potential users.

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Breathe life into your ideas for the first time with the storyboarding experts at 77 Productions. Helping to augment and expand the scriptwriting process, we can help you put your thoughts into words and imagine the way the video is going to look.

Testimonial Videos

Grow your online presence, and increase your credibility with the help of video testimonials by 77 Productions. A well-crafted testimonial video can add an air of authority and reinforce values such as integrity, reliability and honesty.

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Training/Education Videos

Educate those around you with training videos from 77 Productions. Audience retention of information is much higher in video, and allows for consistent, repeatable and effective training. We do it all, from making internal corporate training videos that inspire and instruct, to creating external productions that inform far better than any long instruction manual ever could.

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TVCs (Television Commercials)

Reach a large and diverse audience with professional tv commercials by 77 Productions. Our extensive marketing knowledge and expertise in creating dynamic and engaging video means we can create snappy and effective TVCs that audiences will remember.

Web Production Videos

For the specialists in web video production, look no further than the above-average humans at 77 Productions. Our technical expertise combined with our comprehensive understanding of industry marketing principles, gives us a real edge.

For seamless, high quality video production that will make the slideshow a thing of the past, get in touch with 77 Productions. To do that, you can call us on 03 8658 4299, fill in our contact form here, or shoot us an email at [email protected]. Please don’t literally shoot us. That would hurt.