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Positions Vacant – No Vacancies at the Moment

Unfortunately, we’re not actively seeking any new recruits. Keep a weather eye on the horizon, though, because in this crazy world you never know when things could change.

Working at 77 Productions surrounds you with a bunch of the coolest people you’ve ever met, even if we do say so ourselves. If you have a talent for video production, animation, or post production, and wish to join our team, just keep on reading.

  • To kick things off, we’ll need a couple of bits of information from you:

  • Upload your application documents:

  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • If you’re stressed about uploading your personal information to a bunch of strangers on the internet, don’t be. We’re legit. We promise. We look forward to reading through your application.