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Audio Production

Ditch your brother’s friend, the self-proclaimed DJ, and stick with the experts of sound design at 77 Productions.

Audio, and in particular mastering, needs to be treated differently for different mediums. Film, television, YouTube, Facebook- they all have different compliant standards and audio requirements. 77 Productions works to subtly complement your content by enhancing the narrative of your footage.

Our team utilises all elements needed to pull a great audio track together and make a strong, cohesive audio narrative, including sound editing, mixing, effects, foley and mastering.

Blow the socks off your clients with the awesome sound design and mixing from 77 Productions.

Getting in touch with our team is easy, give us a ring on  1300 077 099, or just fill out our contact form below.

Get in touch with us on  1300 077 099 or use the form below: