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Ashfords, an accounting and advisory firm in the Southeast suburbs of Melbourne, approached us wanting a video that could sum up who they were and explain all the services they provide but most importantly give them an edge that was personable and relatable yet professional, targeting business owners and decision makers.

They were incredibly honest about accounting not being ‘sexy’ and that sometimes accounting and tax can seem overwhelming or confusing, so our job was to help not only build trust and transparency to potential customers but also present them in a more relaxed and approachable manner.

After meeting and discovering together why and how they wanted to communicate with their audience, we chose a live-action approach to this project.



We felt that by showing many faces of the Ashfords team on camera would help break down the walls that are often built up with the suits and industry jargon that so often scare clients and give them a misleading sense of understanding.

“Telling real stories and seeing real faces, breaks down walls. It gives viewers a sense of trust and authenticity.”

When shoot day came, we put an emphasis on making our interviews feel real, honest and relatable.

Getting the talent to act naturally on camera was as simple being real with them and having some classic banter before each interview.



We found that after opening up to us, all the interviewees felt more comfortable on camera.

From the first draft, Ashfords were extremely impressed with how they were represented in the video.

Featuring on the homepage of their website, the video gives viewers trust and understanding on the services they provide right up front.



We felt that given the stigma often found around the accounting profession, we were able to deliver a video that communicates clearly but with an edge that engages the viewer.

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