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3D Animation

Add a whole new dimension to what you do with next-level 3D animation by the 77 Productions team.

Whether to accent an interesting or complicated point, or as the centre of your communication, there are endless different uses for 3D animation.

By building a character (or anything you can think of) in a 3D model, we can work without the annoying restrictions of annoying things like props and lighting. Our animators move not only the point of interest but also all the camera angles, giving us complete control over the entire animation process.

At 77 Productions, our aim is always to provide you with the best 3D animation Australia has to offer, in whatever form that takes.

Get in touch with 77 Productions by filling out our contact form below, or giving us a buzz on  1300 077 099. If you’re feeling ye old fashioned, we also respond to telegrams and carrier pigeons. Just beware of falcons.

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