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CallN provides VOIP call recording solutions to businesses across Australia and New Zealand. CallN’s dashboard provides cloud-based recording and access to detailed analytics of how businesses interact with their customers.

When CallN got in touch with us, they wanted to create an explainer video to show people how powerful CallN call recording solutions are. “It’s such a great system that can do so much, but we also want people to know how easy and cost-effective it can be, so many businesses have benefited from it already”.

They had never worked with video so didn’t know what was even possible so we organised a meeting with the CallN team to get a clearer understanding of their objectives and desired outcome of the video. They also took the time to walk us through the CallN system, how it works and all the great features they have created.

“Telling a story through characters is always a great way to get a point across.”



Given the nature of this particular brief, we spent an unusual amount of our time in pre-production understanding CallN’s offering and how to best communicate to their clients.

We always believe taking the time to plan and develop a project like this prevents problems down the line, showing the client what it will look like and laying out the story will give them a chance to pick up any discrepancies.

We then took all that information and put together a script explaining the journey of a fictional character ‘Bruce’ and his Hoverboard Emporium.



Once we nailed the script we created a Storyboard and a Style Frames. After discussion with the client, their feedback allowed us to adjust the story approach dynamically moving forward.

The 77 Productions team saw an opportunity to have a bit of fun on this project while staying true to its goals. CallN was comfortable with us creating a quirky, fun animation that could help with viewer engagement. Most importantly, we had a great experience working closely with their team as they were open to collaboration and feedback through the process.

The video proved to be a great success in conveying the message while building trust in the CallN service offering. Through the collaboration process, we could create a fun and engaging video while retaining the brand integrity of CallN’s voice and brand.