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Live Action

Unleash Authentic Stories on Location


The art of live action production is very powerful. But first, here’s a joke: Why does Gina, our most experienced producer, love telling jokes on set? Because she always has a good “shot” at making everyone laugh!


At 77 Productions, we excel at Live Action productions that capture the essence of your brand or message. Our skilled team brings your stories to life through direct to camera live shoots on location. We deliver authentic visual experiences for maximum impacts.


Here’s a very delicately handled live action example that 77 Productions crafted for Don’t Forget Me – Aged Care, an organisation improving the cognitive functions and lives of people with dementia.  The video is light on script and uses the connection between a lady and her Grandson to highlight the ups and downs faced by dementia sufferers and their support networks. 



From bustling city streets to remote landscapes, our extensive network allows us to secure locations and talent throughout Australia. We go the extra mile to find the perfect backdrop that complements your story and resonates with your audience. We manage the environments and engagements, whether it be securing road closure permits from a local council or securing the best studio environments, we’ve got it covered.


Our casting experts handpick talent that brings your vision to life, ensuring performances that captivate and inspire. With Live Action, you can connect with your audience authentically, delivering heartfelt testimonials, engaging brand stories, and cinematic masterpieces that leave a lasting impact.


Live Action Film Set


Lights, camera, action! Let’s bring your vision to life and unleash the power of Live Action storytelling that captivates and resonates with your audience.