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Interactive, a digital support and data centre service in Australia, approached us, wanting a video to communicate to resellers, the services that they provide.

The briefing process was reasonably simple, we needed to gain an understanding of the core services, and demonstrate key features and user benefits… essentially, why use Interactive?



As the services were broad, we collaborated with them to create a script that was detailed yet succinct.


“We have 3 mediums in video to communicate with, voice, text and visuals. Choose them wisely.”


It was important that we covered key features of all of the services, so using our three-way communication process (voice, text and footage), we decided to cleverly spread the information.

This meant that the voice-over would cover certain points, text overlays would cover others and the footage will help tie in the viewers’ imagination.



Once we had completed filming, we cut together footage in a way that carefully allowsspace for the overlay graphics, always placing the graphic where it would not obstruct, but compliment the footage.

The client was pleased with the outcome and we felt it summed their services up nicely. We have formed a great relationship of the past few years and always enjoy delivering a professional product.

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