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Class Plastics


“From our very first project which was our product launch video I knew we would be engaged in further projects. The crew make it very simple when filming and get creative behind the scenes to produce the final draft. Love their work!”– Daniel Carapellotti, Director, Class Plastics


Class Plastics, an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing rigid plastic container packaging solutions, needed a video for the home page of their website. It needed to capture the Class Plastics story, whilst highlighting key information such as vision, mission statements and values to potential customers.



Given the broad message of the video, we decided to take a journalistic approach shaped with a commercial edge, however, with the video having such a front and centre platform, we also had to sell their product in the process. We felt it was extremely important to establish exactly what the vision and values of the company were and then got to work scripting.


“Pictures say a thousand words and using overlay is always a great way to tell an underlying story.”

When shoot day came, we made the decision to get outrageously creative with the product filming and took the initiative to tell the story of their creation rather than focus on the look of the products themselves, we did this by carefully composing our shots to use the surrounding machinery environment to add viewer interest.

From a narrative perspective, using a wide variety of staff members on camera helped keep engagement with the viewer as they touch consistently on different important information. All the while, we use the overlay throughout the video to tell the story of the products’ creation.



Back in the studio, piecing the puzzle together, we made a conscious decision to keep branding front, centre and throughout the video.

Having also previously filmed testimonials with Class Plastics, we felt by adding them to the new company profile, we would add another dimension of trust and authenticity.



The video fitted in seamlessly on their website homepage, hitting the targets and helping new viewers feel not only abreast of their products but also confident in the team.

And as for Class Plastics… They were proud, leaving us with the words below:


“The crew make it very simple when filming and get creative behind the scenes to produce the final draft. Love their work!”

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