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Marriott Support Services


We were contacted by Marriott support services, a non-for-profit, specialising in helping adults with intellectual disabilities, with a video request to help represent them to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) but also create a promo could appeal to their potential customers.

As their care spectrum was so broad, with services such as day services, transition programs and employment for adults we needed to produce a video that could cover all bases clearly as well as appealing to two very different audiences (adults with intellectual disabilities and mature corporates).



It was extremely important for this project to get the messaging correct, so we spent extra time in pre-production, meeting with the client and brainstorming the video’s structure.

We wanted the video to feel as genuine and real as possible, so the information delivery method was pivotal.


“It is extremely important to get messing correct. This can make or break what is communicated to a viewer.”

Opting to not script any information, we chose to interview the client.
As the client showed great passion for the business and their industry, we knew instantly that this would come across well on camera.

Using the interviews, we narrated stories of client’s experiences and used these stories to showcase different areas of the business.
This not only showed the effectiveness the programs (appealing to the NDIS) but also increase connection and relatability to the potential customer.



In Production, it was important to be mobile, as there were many restrictions on whose face we could and could not film.

In the end, it was most practical to record all overlay handheld to increase mobility.
To combat potential shake, adjusting the frame rate settings of the camera, not only resulted in the footage being smoother, but also enhanced the emotive element of the video.

In Post, the video camera together like a dream come true. This comes from the importance of “editing in your head” during production, which is done by forward thinking about your interview answers and how they will come together in the final video.



Not only were we wrapped with the result, we were also blown away by the response the client gave us to even our first draft.
Our feedback software was filled with smiley faces and love heart emoji’s as well as
sending email comments such as:

“Thank you for the great job with the video.”

“We really like the video. Thank you for portraying so well what we are doing here at Marriott.”

“We love how people are portrayed, the attention to detail really comes across well, Ani especially. The narration fits in really well with the images.”

We love seeing happy clients, and the team at Marriott left us feeling satisfied, knowing we had delivered something that went above and beyond their expectations.

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