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Deflecta, a market leader in manufacturing a wide range of concrete protection solutions approached us and inquired about producing a video that could promote and demonstrate one of their best-selling products.

The video needed to clearly communicate how the product is applied as well as the benefits associated with using it.

After researching the product, we had a solid understanding of the application process and how it worked.



We put together a proposal on how we would approach filming a live demonstration of it being applied in a live environment, however, we were limited to time and had no room for error, so we needed to operate fast and accurately.

In order to do this, we needed to attend a busy construction site with the appropriate certificates and industry licenses for OH&S reasons.


“Filming in a live environment requires both speed and accuracy, we only have one shot and need to make it count.”


The tricky part was that we needed to clearly show the difference between wet and dry surfaces through video, so that the viewer could greater understand how the product was applied.



Although there were many repetitive processes in the application, we took the initiative to film it in a variety of ways, capturing the application from many different angles, including a time-lapse of the whole procedure.

A voiceover was required to bring the cut together, so with a careful selection of voiceover artists, we timed out the cut to have the most natural flow, at a rate that was digestible for new viewers.

The final delivery was also to be later translated into Chinese, so we needed to leave enough space to allow for the language change.



We were excited to deliver this video to the client as we felt it was a great tool for them.

We have forged a great relationship with the team at Deflecta and are most happy that we could deliver a product.

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