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City of Greater Dandenong – Community Funding


“The 77 Productions team did a fantastic job working with our community to put together a video that expressed what was important to participants. As an officer, I felt comfortable working with their professional staff to describe what we wanted to portray regardless of the little technical knowledge I had in videography and directing. Their support and creativity in this space helped to develop a product that was exactly what we wanted.” – Monique O’Keeffe, Community Funding Officer, City of Greater Dandenong


The City of Greater Dandenong council in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne, came to us seeking a video to share stories from recipients of grants from Greater Dandenong Funding Programs, particularly the Community Support Grants Programs to the public.

The video was to be developed for the Grants Recognition Event and then used to promote the grants program to the public on Council’s website and on screens in Council service and community centres.



After further discussion, we established that by showcasing the stories of previous grants recipients, the video needed to target awareness of the program as well as making the stories relatable.

A big challenge was in the logistics of the shoot and the scheduling of the talent, filming 6 full interviews, in 6 different locations, with 6 different overlay stories in 1 day.

Hunting for inspiration and techniques raised an important point, that the emotion and tone of the video were pivotal to its success.



With this in mind, we decided to use an off-camera interview style to verbally drive the content

“The emotion and tone of a video are pivotal to measuring its effectiveness and success.”

Like a rolling stone, the consequence of using purely overly footage meant that the video needed to tell a story, holding its own, even without sound.

We carefully worked with the council to gain an understanding of each of the aspects of the projects and meticulously planned the overly that would compliment each interviewee.



After thoughtfully piecing the puzzle together, the message was clear. As we had set out to achieve, the tone and emotion of the stories were perfectly complemented, by the right music, overlay and grading.

Needless to say, the client agreed, saying right from the first draft;

“The 77 Productions team did a fantastic job working with our community to put together a video that expressed what was important to participants.”

The reason the video worked so well, is because we spent time listening to the client and what they wanted to achieve. We planned carefully, keeping the targets in mind and thoughtfully considered how the project needed to be received.

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