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Motion Tracking

Put your logo on a bird, a plane, or even a superman with the motion tracking skills of the 77 Productions crew.

By capturing every moment of the action, we can look at the footage frame-by-frame and digitally edit it. Using points of reference, the team at 77 Productions uses 3D motion tracking to superimpose your desired image over the original.

Whether that’s bringing your website onto a phone, adding your logo or branding onto an object, or anything else you can think of, we can do it.

At the same time, because we go through the original footage frame-by-frame, nothing looks out of place at the end.

Rather, the edits blend seamlessly into the background, making it a bit of sleight of hand that even the closest observers won’t be quick enough to catch.

As the old saying goes, get in touch with 77 Productions today or regret it forever. Just fill out our contact form below, give us a call on  1300 077 099, or come say hi in person and live a life without regrets.

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