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Bring your communications to a whole new level with outstanding visual effects by 77 Productions.

Whether you’re after a subtle sleight-of-hand that blends seamlessly into the background, or some of those big, flashy explosions, we’ve got your covered.

With a passionate team of VFX experts behind you, there is literally nothing you can’t do. We have the expertise to do intricate rendering and high quality VFX and post production that will blow everyone away.

Seriously, that’s the whole point of the medium, to create and achieve the impossible, and there’s nothing we like better than tweaking reality.

To find out more about how the team at 77 Productions can retroactively bend reality for you, just get in touch.

You can do so by simply filling out our contact form below, giving us a call on 03 8658 4299, or even dropping into our office at 16/347 Bay Rd Cheltenham.

Get in touch with us about your VFX needs on  03 8658 4299 or use the form below:

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