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3DA Billboards & Powerful Brand Identity

What is 3DA?

3DA stands for 3-Dimension Anamorphosis. Okay, but what is that?!  In the visual arts, it’s a cool perspective trick where an image or video can be distorted on a 2D screen, BUT, when viewed from a select angle, it becomes neutralised, creating the illusion of three dimensional depth. You may have seen chalk used on pavement to create 3D illusions.  Well, 3DA is the same concept, but using 2D LED billboards and animation to trick the eye into perceiving depth!


3DA in chalk art on the floor



I decided to visit Tokyo for the first time in a bid to re-experience culture shock. It really did not disappoint. Apart from an intense train network and hectic nightlife in Rappongi, one of the things that blew my mind away were the billboards!

Huge 3DA billboards mounted atop large city buildings would project the most grand and immersive advertising experience possible to date.  Just check out this Nike AirMAx billboard in ShinJuku.

Back in Australia

77 Productions Australia, a leading video production and creative agency, is pleased to be offering 3DA content in 2023 and beyond.

With an increasing number of high resolution, high millicandela (full sunlight) screens in Melbourne, the race to be the best, most immersive and most eye-catching advertiser continues!  3D anamorphic visuals have provided 77 Productions the opportunity to showcase themselves as forward thinking, tech-savvy, ever-evolving and a contender big brand businesses.

By any other name

There are quite a few ways to conduct research on this technology as it emerges. While the local industry figures out just what to call it you can search for any of the following; 

  • “3D Anamorphic”
  • “3D billboard advertising”
  • “innovative outdoor advertising”
  • “3D Billboard illusion”
  • “anamorphic visuals in branding” or
  • “tech-savvy billboard solutions”.

Why bother?

Are you serious?! Turning a 2D billboard into a 3D illusions is a great idea for the following reasons;

Immersion: it’s a spectacle that will make the mid boggle and tongues wag. Having people talk about your business in a positive light is priceless.

Value: you’re paying for a 2D site but delivering a 3DA experience. Beat that!

Innovation: people will associate your brand with being forward thinking, pushing the envelope, first to market and most likely the premium product/service.

Cut-through: you must be at the leading edge to gain people’s attention and respect. Second best just won’t cut it.

In essence, the integration of 3D billboards represents a pivotal shift in the realm of branding, offering a transformative approach to advertising that resonates with the modern consumer. By harnessing the power of three-dimensional visuals and interactive storytelling, brands can establish a strong and enduring presence in the minds of their target audience, leaving an indelible mark on the world of advertising for years to come.

77 Productions now offers 3DA!

3DA capability underscores 77 Production’s innovative video production and animation chops. At 77 Productions, we stand as a creative force. We’re redefining advertising by demanding your customers attention.

3DA Billboard in Bourke St Melbourne

Client: Disney
Project: Buzz Lightyear Movie Promo
Type: 3DA
Location: Bourke & Swanston St, Melbourne.

Our success in Melbourne is a testament to our creativity, innovation and one of our values, “pushing the envelope”. It proves that with a on-point approach, any brand story can transform into an engaging and visually captivating display.

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