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Dairy Food Safe Victoria: Keeping Victorians free from listeria

With the ever-present threat of a listeria outbreak, and with dairy industry stakeholders spread all over the state, providing remote and asynchronous listeria training videos were seen as essential. Dairy Food Safe Victoria, facing this challenge, needed to take their in person power point presentations to the next level. As Melbourne’s leading video production and animation studio, 77 Productions accepted the task of transforming their slides into a series of short training video using a mixed media production of live action presentation and motion graphics.


The Challenge: Deliver effective training on the topic of listeria to an audience spread all over Victoria

Despite doing a fantastic job delivering this training in person, DFSV found it difficult to scale. Travelling to a remote location only for some staff members to be on leave would also present knowledge gaps that was hard to circle back on. Training videos would help close that gap while increasing subject matter retention.


Our Creative Solution: Merging Live Action presentation with motion, graphics, 2D animation and photography (Mixed Media)

Our innovative approach to blended media delviered highly engaging industry training. This concept was to use mix media to cater for the various learning styles with in the industry:auditor, reading and visual. The animated elements introduced interest and highlighted points, enhancing viewer engagement.


The Production Process: A tale of two studios

Our production team used a purpose built recording studio in Port Melbourne called Hitmaker Studios. It was here we superbly capture a fantastic presentation from the very talented @LukeHuysmans. We then brought that footage into our own studios to work our post-production magic to incorporate all the other mixed media elements.

The Impact: Reduced risk of listeria outbreaks in Victoria

With another happy client, we are also very pleased to have contributed to the reduction of an ever present risk. Make no mistake, listeria is often found in nature, soils and within dairy production environments. It’s only through our local producers ever-readiness to defend their environments with was stay safe from the next outbreak. Cleaning, preventing, identifing and improving processes in the production environment are all fuelled by these 7 training modules.


Conclusion: A Testament to Innovative Video Production in Melbourne

This collaboration with Dairy Food Safe Victoria highlights the importance and versatility of video production and animation in storytelling. At 77 Productions we’re not just a studio; we’re storytellers reimagining training.