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The Workways Case Study: “Where do you see yourself?

Nowadays telling your brand story in a unique and engaging way is paramount. Workways, facing this challenge, needed to connect video messaging’s power to enhance their brand presence. As Melbourne’s leading video production and animation studio, 77 Productions accepted the task of transforming their vision into an enthralling brand video using mixed media production.


The Challenge: Enhancing Brand Presence on Social Media

Despite adequate funding, Workways found it challenging to effectively convey their message on social media. They sought a creative partner who could not only grasp their vision but also transform it into a captivating narrative. Their slogan, “Where do you see yourself?”, demanded a dynamic and imaginative execution to make a mark on digital platforms.


Our Creative Solution: Merging Live Action with 2D Animation (Mixed Media)

Our innovative approach blended live action with 2D animation to visually tell the Workways brand story. This concept featured individuals visualizing their future careers, accompanied by animated characters symbolizing those ambitions. The animated elements introduced charm and relatability to the video, enhancing viewer engagement.


The Production Process: A Unique Blend of Reality and Imagination

Our production in Cremorne was ambitious, aiming to create a seamless tracking shot reminiscent of a music video. This shot featured three individuals transitioning into their dream roles, exemplifying our video production expertise and our skill in creatively integrating 2D animation and mixed media production. The addition of an original music track, specifically composed to match Workways’ brand identity, transformed the video from a mere message to a complete brand experience.


The Impact: A Nationwide Campaign that Resonates

The finished video exceeded expectations. Workways, impressed with our realization of their vision, extended the campaign beyond social media to digital and outdoor advertising. The campaign gained significant attention throughout Australia, demonstrating the power of creative video messaging in boosting brand awareness.


Conclusion: A Testament to Innovative Video Production in Melbourne

This collaboration with Workways highlights the significance of innovative video production and animation in storytelling. At 77 Productions we’re not just a studio; we’re storytellers reimagining advertising with animated characters, engaging narratives, and vivid 2D animation.

Our success in Melbourne’s competitive landscape stands as evidence of our commitment and creativity. It shows that with the right approach, any brand story can evolve into an engaging, visually stunning narrative.