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Melbourne-made Video Production Offer!

Bye bye FY24 & Hello FY25.

Unlock the full potential of your End of Financial Year budget or New Financial Year budget with 77’s Video Production in Melbourne! We are offering premium video and animation services worth $25k for just $10k. Whether you are in health, education, technology, or any other industry, our creative and professional team is ready to bring your vision to life.

The Deals: Animation or Live Action


Live Action


        Professionally written script
        Up to 90 seconds of dialogue
        Two rounds of revisions


        Detailed script-based storyboard
        Visual representation of each scene
        One revision round


        90 seconds of high-quality
        Smooth transitions & movements
        Two characters (fully rigged)
        One custom background setting
        Detailed environment design
        Two rounds of revision

Audio Elements:

        Professional voiceover 
        Tailored sound effects 
        Background music


        Final editing and polishing
        Addition of music
        Delivery in desired format 

Project Management:

        Dedicated project manager
        Regular project updates
        On time delivery 

Additional Options (at extra cost):

        Additional characters
        Extended animation duration
        More complex backgrounds
        Additional voiceover talent
        Custom soundtracks
        Social media optimisation

One-Day Shoot:

        Up to 8 hours on location
        Director of Photography (DOP)/Producer
        Camera operator/audio


        High-quality camera and lens package
        Basic lighting setup
        Basic audio recording equipment


        Coordination with any on-camera talent
        Guidance and direction during the shoot


        Professional video editing 
        Two rounds of revisions
        Basic sound design and mixing
        Background music selection and integration
        Basic coluor correction and grading
        Simple graphics, lower thirds, titles


        Delivered in desired format
        High-resolution version for online use

Project Management:

        Dedicated project manager
        Regular updates on project progress
        On-time delivery of the final video

Additional Options (at extra cost):

        Additional shooting days
        Studio costs
        More complex lighting setups
        Advanced audio equipment
        Additional crew members
        Custom motion graphics or special effects
        Professional voiceover talent
        Custom music composition
        Social media optimised versions

More about live action video production

Live Action Interview
A frame from a live action interview video

Live action involves filming real people, animals, and objects using cameras to create a video. For example, a corporate video showcasing a company’s facilities and interviewing its employees. You can read more about live action here

More about animation video production

2D Character animation
A frame from a 2D Character animation video

Animation is the process of creating moving images through the manipulation of digital graphics or hand-drawn illustrations. For example, an animated explainer video that simplifies a complex technological product into an easy-to-understand visual story. You can read more about animation here

Why Choose 77 Productions?

Experienced Team: Our creative professionals have years of experience delivering top-notch video production services via an exception customer experience.

Tailored Solutions: We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver customised video content that resonates with your audience and achieves your goals.

High-Quality Production: From scripting and storyboarding to filming and post-production, we ensure every project meets the highest standards.

Attention to audio: Sound can make or break a visual asset. 77’s acquisition of Audio Place means you get the professionals lifting your production to the highest possible level  

About Us

77 Productions is a leading video production company based in Melbourne, with client right across the country. We specialise in creating engaging video content that drives results. Join our list of satisfied clients and see why we are the trusted choice for medium to large-sized organisations across Australia.

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