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  1. 3DA Billboards & Powerful Brand Identity

    Posted: March 26 2024

    WHAT IS 3DA? 3DA stands for 3-Dimension Anamorphosis. Okay, but what is that?!  In the visual arts, it’s a cool perspective trick where an image or video can be distorted on a 2D screen, BUT, when viewed from a select angle, it becomes neutralised, creating the illusion of three dimensional depth. You may have seen […]

  2. How to change a light bulb

    Posted: March 24 2017

    How much does it cost to make a video? How long does it take to get an animation done? What kind of quality can you produce? We haven’t got much budget but we need it to look amazing. Can you get the video done this week? We haven’t got a script but I’m sure it […]

  3. What to expect on set

    Posted: March 24 2017

    Here’s a quick overview of what to expect and how to prepare when presenting on set with our production team.   

  4. Why get a video?

    Posted: March 24 2017

    It’s common knowledge that videos can do incredible things for your business. But it’s not just television commercials that are capturing the imagination of the public buying market.     Big brands such as Google, Apple, Samsung and thousands of others are equipping themselves with this new social tool to improve engagement and exposure to […]