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Elevating Brand Stories with Creative Video Production – The Workways Case Study

Introduction: Crafting Compelling Brand Videos

Telling brand stories uniquely and engagingly is crucial. Workways, facing this challenge, needed to harness video messaging’s power to boost their brand presence. As Melbourne’s leading video production and animation studio, 77 Productions took on the task of transforming their vision into a captivating brand video.

The Challenge: Enhancing Brand Presence on Social Media

Despite having funding, Workways struggled with effectively conveying their message on social media. They needed a creative company that could not only understand their vision but also translate it into an engaging narrative. Their tagline, “Where do you see yourself?”, required a dynamic and imaginative approach to resonate on digital platforms.

Our Creative Solution: Merging Live Action with 2D Animation

We proposed a novel concept: a fusion of live action and 2D animation. This approach aimed to visually narrate the Workways brand story, showcasing individuals envisioning their future careers alongside animated characters representing those aspirations. By incorporating animated characters, we added a layer of charm and relatability to the video.

The Production Process: A Unique Blend of Reality and Imagination

Our team in Cremorne embarked on an ambitious video project, crafting a seamless tracking shot that mirrored a music video style. It featured three individuals living their dream roles, demonstrating our expertise with a creative fusion of live action and 2D animation.

We enhanced the brand story with an original music track, custom-made to resonate with Workways’ identity, elevating the video from a simple message to an immersive experience.

The Impact: A Nationwide Campaign that Resonates

The final product was a success. Workways was thrilled with how we brought their vision to life, leading them to expand the campaign beyond social media to include digital media and outdoor advertising. The campaign achieved widespread attention across Australia, proving the effectiveness of creative video messaging in enhancing brand awareness.

A Testament to Innovative Video Production in Melbourne

This Workways project underscores the impact of innovative video production and animation in storytelling. At 77 Productions, we stand as a creative force. We’re redefining advertising by infusing animated characters and gripping narratives with vibrant 2D animation, bringing brand stories to life.

Our success in Melbourne is a testament to our commitment and ingenuity. It proves that with the right approach, any brand story can transform into an engaging and visually stunning narrative.

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