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Nothing gets us out of bed faster than the chance to make something completely original.

See our previous animation projects: 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, or scroll below to see more.

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2D Animation

77 Productions is an experienced animation studio that specialises in adding the colour to your communications, or bringing an infographic to life, with just a little bit of 2D animation. We use this dynamic medium to convey your message and brand in an exciting, different, and creative way.

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3D Animation

Working in the coolest animation studio Melbourne has to offer, our team of animation ninjas create engaging and effective 3D animation that helps you communicate on a whole new level. We work with you to create flawless digital 3D animation that not only gets the point across clearly, but looks epic while doing so.

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3DA Billboards & Powerful Brand Identity

3DA is a cool perspective trick where an image or video can be distorted on a 2D screen, BUT, when viewed from a select angle, it becomes neutralised, creating the illusion of three dimensional depth

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Broadcast Design/Graphics

Make an impact quickly and effectively, with the broadcast design and graphics from 77 Productions. We can create a dynamic and engaging broadcast graphics that capture the attention of viewers.

Logo/Title Animation

Bring your boring old logo to life, or add some animation to your titles, with 77 Productions. Our awesome animators can do more than just spin it around or flip it inside-out - we give it a life of its own.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media is the art of seamlessly blending different video elements to create a dynamic fusion of creativity. It's where boundaries blur, and imagination takes flight. Imagine the magic of 2D animation breathing life into a live-action video. Imagine the seamless integration of live-action footage into a mesmerising 3D world!

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Motion Graphics

Shake things up or turn them around with the help of 77 Productions’ motion graphics. When putting things into motion, design is crucial, but who cares about how pretty it is if it doesn’t actually work? We put function before form, making sure your motion graphics work the way they’re supposed to before we pretty them up. At the end of the day you get something both beautiful and practical.

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