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Child HR



77 Productions was asked to create a wonderfully fun TVC and testimonial videos that showcase the complexity of human resources and how CHILD HR makes the business of HR Compliance…. well,  child’s play 🙂



CHILD HR / Helping to solve the HR puzzle for your business. Take your business’s HR professionalism and efficiency to another level. We understand just how important compliance is for your business, which is why Child HR has been tailor made for the industry by the industry. Making the business of HR Compliance child’s play.



CHILD HR already had a solid brand design across their website using strong colours and textured materials. So staying on brand using multiple wood textures and their colour palette was at the forefront of our approach.



VIDEO TESTIMONIALS / It was fundamental for Child HR to communicate with potential buyers that others have had a beautiful and seamless experience with thier software. To tackle this, we tastefully paved a way to incorporate a live-action testimonial within the animated story.