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Post Production

More often than not, you don’t hear about post production it unless it’s been done wrong.

77 Productions prides itself on being a post production company that no one talks about, which means we do awesome work that everyone loves. That’s how that works, right?

A sampler of our skillset:

  • VFX
  • Editing
  • Motion Tracking
  • Sound Design and Mixing
  • Colour Correction and Grading
  • Rotoscoping
  • Dynamic Content Creation
  • Rig Removal
  • 3D Rendering
  • Digital Compositing

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Our mad skills in detail:

3DA Billboards & Powerful Brand Identity

3DA is a cool perspective trick where an image or video can be distorted on a 2D screen, BUT, when viewed from a select angle, it becomes neutralised, creating the illusion of three dimensional depth

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Colour Correction and Grading

Balance out an overexposed shot, or help create a distinct mood with the colour correction and colour grading team at 77 Productions. By subtly altering the contrast and tone of the footage, our colourist enhances the video, to make it look stunning, and best tell your story.

Data Wrangling/ Management

As experts in data management, 77 Productions ensures nothing gets lost or corrupted in the transfer of raw footage to the editor. We make sure to keep a close eye on every copy of your video and use our data wrangling skills to keep it all safe and sound.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media is the art of seamlessly blending different video elements to create a dynamic fusion of creativity. It's where boundaries blur, and imagination takes flight. Imagine the magic of 2D animation breathing life into a live-action video. Imagine the seamless integration of live-action footage into a mesmerising 3D world!

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Motion Tracking

Add visual effects onto something that’s moving at speed with 77 Productions’ motion graphics. Perfect for adding in your brand or logo after the fact, our team goes through the footage frame-by-frame to make it look as seamless as if it was really there in the first place.

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For animation that closely mirrors life, you can’t do much better than rotoscoping, and when it comes to rotoscoping, you can’t do any better than 77 Productions. With years of experience up their sleeves, our team can transform your every move into rotoscope animation.

Sound Design and Mixing

Take your footage to the next level with customised sound design and sound mixing created by a team of specialists you trust. At 77 Productions, we go above and beyond to deliver the best quality audio post production, that enhances your content without distracting. Instead, it adds depth and cohesion to the narrative you have created.

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Make your content accessible to the hearing impaired or those people who put videos on mute, with closed captions. Our team at 77 Productions creates subtitles that match everything you say word-for-word, while capturing the essence of the tone, to ensure nothing’s ever lost in translation.

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Make your work look more polished and sophisticated with a little bit of visual effects. From motion tracking to rotoscoping, at 77 Productions, we can do it all. Our team of specialists will work with you to seamlessly integrate VFX that helps to take your footage to the next level.

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